Ice Cream and Jellies London

Cold and wobbly. Release your inner child!

Jelly and ice cream is a winning combination that is just sheer unadulterated pleasure. Our cold and wobbly selection will suit even the most discerning palate.

Homemade ice creams

All made with fresh fruit and cream – no artificial colours or preservatives.  Creamy, smooth and intense flavours and nothing like shop bought!


  • Vanilla: Made with pure vanilla beansDSC_0681
  • Banana: Fruity and flavoursome
  • Strawberry: A taste of summer heightened with a little balsamic
  • Raspberry: A colour and taste to lust over
  • Mango: Exotic and tropical
  • Pistachio: Perfect for nutty types
  • Honey: Smooth like pure nectar
  • Dark Chocolate: Dark and decadent
  • White Chocolate: Rich but not too sweet
  • Cinnamon: Fabulous with apple tart
  • Rose Petal Ice cream: Summer on a plate, a seasonal delight
  • Chocolate and Raspberry Ice Cream Bar Great Taste Award 2014
  • Avocado & Ginger Ice Cream Great taste Award 2019

Cost: 1 litre – £10

‘Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone’ – Jim Fiebig


ice cream makers londonThese taste of real fruit and alcohol – a sophisticated twist on a childhood favourite.

  • Elderflower and Blueberry with Gold Leaf: Individual round jellies, a layer of blueberries set in clear elderflower flavoured jelly topped with 23 carat gold flakes – very striking can be served with small discs of raspberry ice cream
  • Vodka and Lime: A classic drink made even more refreshing
  • Gin and Tonic: A sundowner in a jelly
  • Sparkling Strawberry Rosé Champagne: Served in a champagne glass
  • Berry, lemongrass and thyme: A combination that’s clean and fruity
  • Rhubarb jelly shots: With a crème anglaise top served in a glass shot glass

Cost: from £1.20 – £4

What About a Quick Dip?

jelly makers londonDipped Strawberries

  • Juicy strawberries dipped in dark, milk or white Belgium chocolate £1.20 each, minimum order 12
  • Juicy strawberries covered in a covered in ganache and then dipped in Belgium chocolate £1.40 each, minimum order 12